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Already bringing Shakespeare to Dubrovnik!

Launching our education and community support programs, Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival, in cooperation with the Marin Drzic Museum, presents:

“The World of William Shakespeare”

This exhibition of rare books, manuscripts and artifacts runs 9 July - 23 September 2011.

The lives of Marin Drzic of Dubrovnik (1508-1567) and William Shakespeare of England (1564-1616) intersected by three years. Just as the greatest Croatian Renaissance playwright was preparing to exit the world stage, at the opposite end of Europe the sweet Bard of Avon was preparing to carry the dramatic flame to new heights.

Grand Opening of DSF's Shakespeare exhibit at the Marin Drzic Museum, Dubrovnik

Highlights of this exhibition include a 17th century folio of Ben Jonson plays that lists William Shakespeare as one of the actors! Also, a 17th century vellum manuscript with the Great Seal of Queen Elizabeth 1 attached. Also featured, a 16th century tapestry, sword, pewter drinking vessel, and much more.

Come join the excitement of...Shakespeare in Dubrovnik!