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Portrait of Shakespeare

By Genia Chef

Painting as theatre!

Come watch one of the greatest painters of our time, the Berlin and New York-based Russian artist Genia Chef, as he spends nine days painting a 2 meter x 2 meter oil painting of William Shakespeare, on a stage for all to watch. Chef will use materials and techniques that date back to the 17th century Golden Age of painting.

This is a rare opportunity to step inside the studio environment of a great artist at work. Chef’s 2011 solo exhibition at the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as recent exhibitions in London, Berlin, New York, and elsewhere, led the renowned art critic Carter Ratcliff to proclaim: “Hardly any artist faces the imagination's enemies as courageously as Chef does. Chef’ s art invites us to encounter tradtion now, this very moment, and in the process reinvent it for ourselves.”

Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival audiences are lucky to have this chance to witness firsthand the creation of a painting destined to endure. The creation of Chef’s painting will also be filmed as the first in a planned DSF series: “Dubrovnik: Past, Present, Future.