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Become an actor for an hour...or a day...or a life!

We are ALL actors. The way we talk and behave, our facial expressions, our gestures, tone of voice, these are all the result of choices that we make in different situations. When we speak with a grandparent or a grandchild we “act” differently than in a business situation, for instance, or when we are with strangers. Or with a lover.

DSF will offer a series of workshops in which EVERYONE can participate. Audiences both young and old, visitors and residents alike, can discover the actor within themselves.

For DSF One, we begin with:

Shakespeare for Beginners

This is a fun and interactive performance of “Shakespeare's Greatest Hits.” Daniel Foley, founder of London’s Performance Exchange, and DSF’s Director of Education, will lead audiences in a romp through special Shakespeare moments in which all will be invited to participate. Discover the Romeo or Juliet within yourself! Brood like Hamlet, exult like Henry V, or be a horse in the English army! Great fun - and just a little bit informative!

Irina Brook’s company of actors from Paris will also lead an acting workshop, and offer a special matinee performance for students. And Michael Lederer, DSF’s Artistic Director, who began his career as a child actor in San Francisco, will offer a special workshop for students.

Teaching English through theatre!

English has emerged as an international language. DSF’s acting workshops are an exciting way to learn what Shakespeare knew...language is fun!

This is only the beginning. Please come join us. And discover the actor within yourself!