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Welcome to Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival, the newest addition to Dubrovnik’s annual cultural calendar. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. The poet Lord Byron called it “The pearl of the Adriatic!” George Bernard Shaw called it “Paradise on earth!” Come see for yourself.

Dubrovnik’s future is even longer than its past. These are exciting times here. Croatia is about to enter the European Union, and as it prepares to take its next step forward, it is as clear as the Adriatic that even a city with stone walls as strong and beautiful and enduring as Dubrovnik’s must have open gates. Theatre can provide one such opening.

Please join us this coming year, and every year, as Dubrovnik Shakespeare Festival takes to the stage. In late April and early May the days here are already warm, the nights filled with stars, and the cobblestone passages of the Old Town are not yet overcrowded. It is a perfect time to discover Dubrovnik. Its stone palaces, its Old World charm, its crystal sea - and now its theatre - are waiting for you!

Michael Lederer
Founder and Artistic Director

Sonnet for Shakespeare

By Michael Lederer

The kaleidoscope of meanings is never ending
That seen forthrightly for what they are
The words of Shakespeare are elusive and undying
Like the universe itself outliving stars
And like some hoary constellation of hallowed lights
So many beacons illumining mankind
Without them we should proceed with partial sight
Stumbling forward in strange kinship with the blind
But with them, the blind as well may see
Such richly varied colors, tones and hues
That they, like he, as he wove his tapestry
Command innumerable shades from which to choose
And so his words, like eyes, give vision to us all
To gaze upon a world that has no walls

Entrance to Old Town of Dubrovnik